HOT TV features classic TV programming and family entertainment.

Here is what some of our viewers have to say.



Hey – I wrote before asking for help in receiving your signal. On your advice, I switched up my converter box and got a better indoor antenna … IT WORKED! I am LOVING your channel, and with all the new additions such as Leave it to Beaver, Airwolf, Buck Rogers, Battlestar Galactica, and the way cool Drive In Movie on Saturday nights … you have a lifelong fan! More stations should learn from you – keep up the fantastic work! (and MANY thanks again for your help!!) Keith

…intend to be a regular viewer!

Thank you so much for this station! I don’t have cable, and all of the local stations have replaced their classic TV with shows like Judge Alex. I discovered HOT TV today and intend to be a regular viewer! Becky

…We are not a pay TV family

We are not a pay TV family. I enjoy your programs. Especially the old series. Maybe in the future y’all could run some old Maveric series, Ramar of the Jungle, or Charlie Chan would be terrific. Joe

…Good clean down to earth programming

I just want to thank you for finally presenting good clean down to earth programming. The movies and series presented take me back when I was about 8 yrs old and older. Robin Hood was one of my favorites with Richard Green and I use to watch it every Saturday morning at the neighbor’s tv. I only wish other stations would stick to the clean veiwing as we had in the 50’s. Thank you once again. José

…I’m soooo addicted

I put an antenna on the roof and everything and still no HOT TV. I went to Best Buy and gentleman said it could be the converter box. (I got 2 with the govt. coupons-RCA, about a year ago) I broke down and bought an Apex converter box at Best Buy. It did the trick!!!! I now can get your wonderful station. I’m soooo addicted to it. You guys have all of the wonderful family oriented shows, I watched as a little girl. I’m telling everyone I know about your wonderful station!!!! Keep up the good work! Lisa

…Just love your programs

Just love your programs. We have other options but I find myself watching your channel every evening. It is my go to for after midnight viewing. Also on weekends when I make time to watch. Thank you! Pam

…Deja Vu all over again

HOT TV personifies Nostalgia! I began watching TV in NYC in 1951. Now it’s Deja Vu all over again. Your programming is a great time machine for me when I want to relax and enjoy TV the way it was. Thanks. Ted

…spreading the word

This is what a station ought to be. Keep up the good work and classic TV. I am spreading the word. This is what TV Land should be. So sorry TV Land!! We have ATT UVerse but I watch your station more than any other. Love It. Ricky

…watch your station

I watch your station quite a lot since finding it by accident a few months ago…found the Dick Van Dyke show and Mr. & Mrs. North…I also enjoy the old Sherlock Holmes programs. This is a fun station and I am telling others… Lynn

…great old programs

We love seeing great old programs like 26 Men, My Little Margie, Judge Roy Bean & others… Mike

…great work

Love all the old series westerns. The Fred McMurray film was great. constantly looking up your channel. Tired of paid programming to sell something most of already have and/or don’t want. I like mickey rooney … Betty White…what a doll she was when she was young. Just as funny. Just don’t have enough of the old series…they were great. Kids might like the old Fess Parker Daniel Boone series. I like the [David Carr, Jr.] theme music when identifying the station. Doing a good job,can’t say enough about the shows. It’s like what TV was growing up without all the daily drama,just one series,or movie after another with a soap thrown in… Great work. Charles

…so pleased

A few days ago I came across your station. Thank you. I love seeing these classic shows. My 12 year old son has also been enjoying your station. I am so pleased that he has an opportunity to view some these classic shows. Keep up the great programming and we will definitely be regular viewers. Thank you. Shannon

…all my childhood programs

Absolutely love this channel, all my favorite childhood programs, all types of movies, and comedy specials, finally family programing that the whole family can watch. Keep up the good work, thank you. Elizabeth

…hope you never change

I LOVE your selections! My all-time favorite is “I Married Joan,” and I also love “My Little Margie,” and “Life with Elizabeth!” I hope you never change these shows. They’re wholesome, entertaining, and funny. I like the westerns, too, especially “Cowboy G-Man,” and “Lone Ranger.” It’s great to see that shows I thought I’d never see again are back. I like them much more than all the other stuff that’s on. WAY OVER HALF OF MY VIEWING TIME IS ON YOUR CHANNEL!! Nice job! John

…really neat

Thanks for rerunning some of the great old shows! It’s not enough modern programming that can keep you as entertained as these old shows! Really neat that you all were able to locate! Kudos! Eric

…great programs

Great programs love the old shows. Philip

…entertains me all night

I have recently found HOT TV and I wish to congratulate you on your programing…and it is great I found one channel (on my 7″ TV in the car) that entertains me all night especially running movies at 2:30 AM. Love you keep up the good programing. Al

…love the shows

Love the shows. Thanks for bringing back some of the old classics! Kevin

…great station

Great station. Enjoy the old shows. Tony

…love the channel

My husband and I love the channel and the shows. Margarette


This is the only channel I watch now. When I saw Sky King I had to express my appreciation for all of the nostalgic content. Raymond

…I like it

I caught your station by accident, but I like it. I watch it on weekends when I am free. (Very enjoyable) Joe

…more of them

Thank you for the old black and white TV shows. Please, more of them and the old classic movies with Doris Day, Cary Grant, Rock Hudson, Tony Randall. I crave those values and times of life. More family shows please either new or old classics. Thank you so much for coming on the air. Sue

…we remember these shows well

Receive your signal on antenna…watched the Life of Riley last night after returning from a movie and thoroughly enjoyed it, brought back childhood memories. My wife and I are both 59 so we remember these shows well. Roger

…I love your station

I love your station. Thanks for great free TV. I have nixed the cable and want free tv. Connie

…Great programming!

Great programming! My tv (the only one not on cable) is on your station during the daytime more than any other channel to escape the boredom of talk shows. Pat

…We stay on your station

We absolutely love the weekend programming, as well as the return of old classic TV shows during the day. We stay on your station throughout the day, keeping it on in the background as we work. Keep it up, and good luck. Mike

…Love your station

I do love your station, and I spread the word. Paul

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